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There are many wrecking operations out there, but none will give you the same value and money in your pocket as Rapid Car Parts. Our team has been working for 60 years across the Greater Melbourne Region. In that time, we have built a strong reputation for providing quality parts and components to all of our customers. We offer the best prices and services to those looking to have their vehicles removed, as well.

If you have a truck that is no longer running, you can have cash in your pocket today and the vehicle removed. Eliminate an eyesore that’s no longer of any use and get paid for it, too.

What is the best way to sell my used truck?

There are many different platforms where you can sell your truck in the modern-day, each with varying degrees of success and different rates of money you will receive for your vehicle. This can become incredibly challenging if the truck is no longer running, doesn’t start, is unregistered or has been involved in an accident.

Word of mouth and friends/family connections remains a good way to move a vehicle, but this more applies to cars than trucks, as many workers and companies are going to be reluctant to purchase a second-hand vehicle that is no longer running. You can also sell privately through places like Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree, but you might be up for expensive advertising costs and commissions.

You are also likely to run into the same problems as trying to sell via word of mouth, as not many people are willing to take on a second-hand, broken down vehicle – especially if it is unregistered. Trading your rig in at the dealership is another option. Still, you will need to invest a fair bit of work and cleaning to ensure that you are getting a remotely reasonable price, but dealerships are not well known to provide top bucks for vehicles that are not in a workable condition.

Wrecking is your best option as long as you are enlisting the services of a reputable, registered and insured company like Rapid Car Parts as the parts sold separately are worth more than the vehicle as a whole. Our team will analyse your vehicle, depending on its age, how many viable parts can be extracted, and the overall condition, including signs of rust or other degradation.

How much can I get at truck wreckers in Mebourne?

Many factors will determine how much you get for your truck (or any other vehicle), ultimately coming down to the condition and the number of salvageable parts.

Your asset will need to be whole, but it doesn’t need to be running or even start. It’s also okay if your vehicle was involved in an accident, as long as the damage to the engine and other parts is not too severe. It doesn’t matter if it has been left sitting unused for a period of time.

The most you can expect for yours in Australia is $10,000. Still, the vehicle would need to be in excellent condition and be a desirable make and model to receive the high end of wrecking remuneration. That is not to say you won’t get top dollar for your old, obsolete and abandoned vehicle from a reputable wrecking organisation like Rapid Car Parts.

The minimum rate is usually $50, and that is for vehicles with zero value when it comes to parts that can be on-sold and will only be wrecked for scrap metal. While $50 does not sound like much, you are not charged for any of the labour to remove your vehicle or wreck it. Have an eyesore removed from your property with some bonus money in your pocket as well.

Rapid Car Parts prides itself on offering the best cash for your truck and you can usually expect much more than $50 and more than our competitors in Melbourne. How much you receive will be quoted on factors like its condition, the make and model it is, how big your vehicle is and how much it weighs, and the odometer reading. Did you install new parts just before your vehicle failed? Those will also boost the price.

Elements that will improve the value of your truck and the amount of money you will receive include the types of metals used in its construction, the condition of the tyres and rims, any sound system or radio system that might be installed as well as the obvious motor and engine parts that will be removed and on-sold.

Experience pays

The team at Rapid Car Parts have been wrecking cars, trucks, bikes, caravans and more for over 60 years, and we have dismantled a wide range of makes and models in that time. We have seen technology change; cars change shape and function, parts evolve and improve and every other change in the automotive industry in that time – and stayed ahead of the curve, so we know exactly how to remove and store valuable parts and components safely.

We have seen electronic systems become critical components of the modern vehicle and have developed our skills to remove sensors, computers and other electrics so that our customers can replace broken parts for a fraction of the price. Our skills have made us a highly desirable place to purchase parts, which means that we are always on the lookout for more – and we are willing to pay top dollar to get them.

This is especially the case with trucks, as in most cases they are used for many years, even decades by their owners. If have a whole truck that is not running, we will pay you the best price in Melbourne and remove it from any location for you.

Quality parts for all vehicles

No matter what make or model you have, we are likely to have a wide range of quality parts available to make your next repair job cheaper while also securing quality parts. Whether you are looking for major components like transmissions, radiators, water pumps, exhausts, differential parts or smaller items like seals, brackets, u-joints and more, you will find an excellent range at our Dandenong junkyard.

You will find quality parts at a fraction of the price of new versions but still deliver the highest performance, efficiency and durability. In most cases, we can deliver parts to your mechanic as well.

If you are looking to get rid of a truck or any other vehicle, give the team at Rapid Car Parts a call today. In most cases, we can provide you with a quote on the same day, and our team can be rapidly deployed to remove your vehicles with cash in hand. Let our professional team make the process of getting rid of old vehicles simple and profitable for you.

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