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Selling your used car can be a painstaking and challenging task. You need to worry about detailing, registration, a roadworthy certificate, test drives and competing with numerous other people trying to achieve the same thing through online or traditional selling platforms.So what do you do when you have a vehicle on your property that is not operational, but you need to get rid of? The best option is to sell it a wrecking service, and Rapid Car Parts provides the best rates and most professional service in all of the Greater Melbourne Region.

How can I sell my car fast?

If you have a running car, has a roadworthy certificate and is registered then the fastest way to sell it is to take it to a used car dealership. Most of them will give you cash on-site, but be warned this will be a much lower rate than you would get if you tried to sell it privately yourself. You are sacrificing money for speed.

You can always slash the price of your vehicle yourself and try to sell it yourself through Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree or any of the range of auto sales websites available to the Melbourne region. You may get more than you would get through a dealership, but you are still going to have to deal with the usual array of tyre kickers, test drives and everything else that goes along with trying to sell a car on your own.

When you are trying to sell a vehicle that is not functioning, though, you are best to avoid these channels as you are unlikely to have any success. The best offer you may get is somebody offering to tow your car away for free. Why do that when you can get cash in your hand from Rapid Car Parts and have your vehicle instantly towed away for wrecking?

When do I know it is time to sell my car to a wrecker?

There is a sense of finality of selling their vehicle for some people that it is their last possible option. Many people want to explore other options before calling the wreckers to see if they can get a better deal or will try and repair their vehicle to make as much money as they can.

There is a simple algorithm for deciding whether to wreck or repair. Get a quote for the total repairs of your vehicle, and if this number is larger than the current market value of that make and model, then it is past the point of repair.

Don’t tip unnecessary cash into your vehicle when you can make money by having our team at Rapid Car Parts in Melbourne collect it for you to be recycled into valuable scrap parts and metal.

What do I need to do when I sell my car to a wrecker?

The process of selling your vehicle to a wrecking service like Rapid Car Parts can be rapid, so it pays to be prepared. It is effortless to have your old vehicle removed and cash in your hand, in many cases you have a quote the same day and a flatbed from our fleet ready to cater to your needs immediately.

We pride ourselves on our prompt service. We have a long list of customers seeking parts for their vehicles, so we are continually seeking all makes and models of cars, trucks, bikes, caravans – anything with a motor – and paying top dollar to remove it for you.

When you are ready to have your vehicle removed, transfer all of your possessions and take off the registration plates. If there is still paid registration left, you can have refunded from the Department of Transport. Make sure you remove any toll road tags you have applied and any cosmetic accessories.

You can even uninstall the tyres and swap them with old, flat ones so you can get some extra money selling your good ones. Ensure you end your insurance policy on the same day, and we will ensure the proper changeover of ownership papers are signed on the day we collect your vehicle. You will be liable for anything that happens involving the car as soon as it leaves your driveway.

What documents do you need to scrap a car?

You will need a valid form of identity like a current drivers licence, proof of age card or passport. You will also need to provide the identification number and the registration, even if this has long expired and you have removed the plates.

You will also need to provide the make and model of the vehicle and any details relating to an accident if one has occurred. This will all be logged on the ownership transfer paperwork that we will provide. Both parties will then sign and date it, and the process will be complete – quick and easy.

How much do you get for scrap metal car?

The amount of cash you will receive for your vehicle depends on a range of factors, but Rapid Car Parts offers more than any other wrecking operation in Melbourne. Do not entertain offers of a free tow only, your car is still worth money even if it is broken and not running.

An average car that is not-roadworthy and cannot be repaired is worth almost $500 in scrap metal alone. This price does fluctuate depending on the supply and demand for certain kinds of metals, and their respective market value.

There are also labour and towing costs involved, but you can reasonably expect a few hundred dollars for most whole vehicles whether they are running or not. The car’s condition will factor as well, if there is significant damage to the chassis, motor or engine parts, it will impact how much can be recycled at our wrecking yard. Extensive rust will also render many parts unusable.

The vehicle’s age and the make and the model also play a role in the value as some parts are in more demand than others. Ones that are hot on the market are going to attract more money.

The best bang for your buck

Rapid Car Parts takes this quoting process too seriously. We are determined to ensure that we provide Melbourne’s best rates for your vehicle and carefully examine all elements to give you the most cash for your car.

Our team is available to give you a quote on your car. Our fleet is available to collect from any residential or commercial property, garage or mechanics from any suburb in the Greater Melbourne Region. Give us a call today.

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