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Do you have an old vehicle taking up valuable space at your home or workplace? Get cash in your hand today from Rapid Car Parts, no matter what condition your car is in, as long as it is whole. We are available to collect your set of wheels from any suburb or region in the Greater Melbourne region and offer the best rates for unregistered cars and do not start. If you have a car that has been involved in an accident, has broken down and had its registration lapse, or has been earmarked for repair or restoration, we’ll still take it. Contact our professional team today and get cash for your car so you can reclaim your yard or garage.

“Where can I find car wreckers near me?”

You have a few options for getting rid of your old vehicle, and the best choice for you largely depends on your car’s condition and the popularity of that particular make and model. You can try and privately sell it, but if your vehicle is unregistered and not running, you will struggle to attract legitimate buyers. These personal ads usually only attract the attention of unregistered and uninsured car wreckers who are only likely to offer you free towing or a low rate for your goods.

Trading your car in at the car dealership for a new car is also an option, but you will have to put in a lot of work and spend a lot of money to attract a decent rate. You will need to detail your asset, replace parts and make it look as good as possible and run as functional as possible to get a rate worth looking at.

You could try and sell the parts for scrap, but this is only recommended if you are highly experienced in safe dismantling and have the proper storage for these parts, so they don’t rust or degrade and have the time to market and sell these parts individually. Travelling this path will still leave you with the carcass and unsaleable parts which will need to be removed anyway.

Your best option is to sell to a reputable car wrecker like Rapid Car Parts who will offer you the best price. We can often quote and collect your car on the same day, so you can get cash in your hand and have your unwanted vehicle removed quickly – legally and without fuss.

What do car wreckers do?

Depending on the skills, qualifications and capability, car wreckers can perform various actions on scrap vehicles. Rapid Car Parts has experienced team that can easily dismantle any make or model of and identify the viable parts placed into storage for sale. Many electrical and other components can be repurposed for various functions. Once the pieces have been extracted the rest of the vehicle is usually crushed for scrap metal.

The price you will get from a car wrecker depends on how much value they will get from the parts and the current market value for scrap metal. The more skilled the car wrecker is, the more value they will get from your car. That is a big reason you will always get top dollar when you enlist Rapid Car Parts ’ services as our experience and skill means more rewards for all parties.

Can I sell my vehicle to anyone that claims to be Melbourne car wreckers?

We understand that you want to get rid of your old vehicle quickly and the lure of some of the social media and internet advertisements can be hard to resist. But you should only put your trust in professional wreckers who will give you a fair price and are appropriately registered and insured. In Australia, all car wreckers need to be registered as second-hand dealers, and you can trust Rapid Car Parts as we have this correct registration and associated insurance.

During the sale process, official government forms need to be completed that make it legal to sell and move an unregistered vehicle. This includes signatures from both parties, the vehicle identification number (VIN), chassis number and the engine number. This paper trail is essential, especially if there is an accident. Sell your unwanted car to a less than reputable individual or company without the proper documentation, and you could be liable if they are involved in an accident, as it would legally still be yours.

Rapid Car Parts is legitimate, and we have the correct registration and insurance. We will always run you through the proper legal paperwork process, and you will have copies of all official documentation so that you can be assured that the transaction is 100 per cent legal.

Should I sell my vehicle for parts or fix it?

This is a dilemma many people have regarding the vehicle sitting around on their property. This decision can usually be made through a simple equation, the cost of repairing your asset versus the current market value of that make and model of car. If it will cost more than the car’s value to fix it, then it is time to say goodbye to it because it is simply not worth it. Some other factors should be considered, as well. Is the car full of rust? Once rust sets in, the vehicle is unlikely ever to be restored to a workable condition, and you should get rid of it ASAP. The more rust there is in a car, the fewer parts become viable, and the less money you will receive.

Think of the overall condition of it. Once the repairs are complete, how many more years will you realistically get before it is back at the mechanics? What will the fuel economy be like compared to purchasing a new vehicle? Don’t hold onto a lemon. Get cash for it today with Rapid Car Parts. We are always seeking vehicles to add to our collection. This means you are the winner as we are continually paying top dollar for cars, trucks, motorbikes, vans, caravans – any make or model at all.

Simply call our professional team and describe your car, giving us the make and model and the condition it is in, and we can often deliver a quote on the same day. We have an extensive fleet of flatbeds across Melbourne and can rapidly come to your home, business or garage to retrieve your set of wheels quickly and without fuss.

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