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There are many reasons why you may have a surplus vehicle in your yard, and we are here to help you get rid of them, allowing you to collect cash in your pocket for it. As well as that, we can remove cars from any other location as well, including roadsides where accidents may have occurred, car parks, businesses or any place where your set of wheels is located

How can unwanted car removal help?

Do you have an old vehicle taking up space in your backyard, in your garage or driveway? When we upgrade, we’re usually left with our outdated model; we have the best intentions to do something with it, but it doesn’t eventuate. Maybe your car was involved in an accident, and you had plans to repair it for sale someday. Perhaps you would keep it as a project or parts car, but that never happened either. Maybe you just didn’t know how you could get rid of it without having to pay an expensive towing service a fee for the privilege.

There are options available. You could try and sell it to the dealership or sell it yourself through the private market. Still, unless someone is after something highly specific and valuable, they are unlikely to purchase a non-working and damaged product. The best value you can get from an old, non-working vehicle is to wreck it, and our team will offer you top dollar for yours, no matter the condition.

The signs it’s time to opt for free car removal

If you have a vehicle in your yard that you are holding on to for parts, to repair or as a project, there reaches a point where you should abandon those thoughts and get rid of it. It’s likely going to be an impossible task or cost much more money than is viable.The first telltale sign that is time to get rid of your old set of wheels is rust. When rust sets in, it will take over the entire vehicle; now is the time to move and get rid of it while you can still make some money off it. Rapid Car Parts will be able to dismantle a vehicle swiftly and salvage viable parts, but once rust has wholly taken over it, it is destroyed forever.

If you plan to fix your car, run a simple formula to see if it is worth it. Get the full quote for the repairs, including all parts and line that up the current market value of your make and model of the vehicle (not what you paid for, to begin with). If the repair bill is higher than the current market value, there is zero sense in fixing it up as you could just purchase another for less. You are better off selling your car to Rapid Car Parts and getting cash for it, which will make the purchase of your next ride cheaper.Let’s say your car is still running, but it is out of action in the garage AGAIN. How many times has this vehicle broken down? How much money have you spent on the mechanics? It reaches a point where this car will not come right magically, and it is time to retire it. Don’t let your vehicle become a money pit, get cash to have it removed and get a car that is going to be reliable.

Your vehicle may be too old to salvage as well. While some people love the classics and restoring a car can be a fantastic project, some many makes and models are not classic and should never be considered for restoration projects – they are just old. One of the biggest problems with these cars is that they were not designed for everyday driving. They will not include safety features like crumple zones designed to absorb energy and protect you from injury. Secure seat belts, airbags, even modern technology like parking sensors are things we take for granted. If your old car doesn’t have these, it could be dangerous to you and others.

Quick junk car removal in Melbourne

There are circumstances in life that we cannot predict sometimes. A simple fender bender that renders our car a write-off, for example. A break down many kilometres from home that leaves you stranded. What do you do when yours will not run anymore, and you are stuck far from home?

Emergency towing services will cost you a fortune, and if you leave your vehicle abandoned, it could be towed for you, which will be even more expensive. Let us help you out and put money in your pocket, not take money out of it. In many instances, we can rapidly get to any location in the Greater Melbourne Region to tow your vehicle. We will be able to dismantle this vehicle and salvage parts from it so depending on the condition, make and model of your car, you will be paid cash as well.

How much will a wrecker pay me for my car?

Depending on a range of factors, you could expect anything from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. The car’s make and model is one factor that will figure out the price you receive, with newer models from popular brands likely to attract more money.

While your vehicle does not have to run (or even start), the condition will determine how much it is worth for wrecking as well. Your car will need to be whole and the more parts that are in excellent condition, the more value it will have. If your vehicle has been involved in an accident, then the level of damage will play a role as well

Some wreckers will routinely try to shortchange you to boost their profit margins and often will only offer the promise of a free tow to get rid of your car as a reward. Rapid Car Parts provides more for your set of wheels than other wreckers and will always offer a fair price based on your car’s condition, make, and model.

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